Nigeria Tam Tam: Renewable energy.....

UN prescribes renewable energy sources for Nigeria 


 THE United Nations (UN) has called on Nigeria to key into the renewable clean energy revolution, as a strategic measure to resolve the nation’s power generation and supply crises, on a sustainable basis.

UN’s Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, had earlier, described renewable energy option as “a revolution that makes energy available and affordable to all.

”The global body had consistently deplored Nigeria’s slow stride towards attainment of “energy for all” goal, describing the nation’s power situation as inimical to economic growth and development.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Nigeria, Daouda Toure, made the call on the Federal Government Monday, in Abuja, at the second yearly Nigeria Renewable Energy Day (NIREDAY), organised by the Ministry of Environment with the theme: “Nigeria: The Emerging Economy.”

Toure noted that low access to energy services accounts for the slow progress against poverty in the country.

According to him, only about 40 per cent of the Nigerian population have access to electricity grid, while others rely heavily on fuel, wood for cooking and meeting other energy needs.

He added: “Nigeria has abundant renewable energy resources especially solar, hydro and biomass; apart from biomass, which constitutes over 70 per cent of total energy consumption, unfortunately, renewable energy still remains a very insignificant part of the energy mix of the economy.

“In a country more than 150 million people where over 60 percent have no access to electricity services, the implications are quite severe, which is part of the reasons many more depend on traditional biomass sources for cooking. The vast majority of those without modern energy access in Nigeria are income poor in rural areas and increasingly peri-urban dwellers.”

To overcome the challenge, he stressed that optimal response strategies require a combination of both grid-based and decentralised off-grid energy systems..... Read more...