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Nigeria: A nation without

WHILE  I was a student at Mayflower School, Dr Tai Solarin used to tell us lot of things especially how to be great men and women when we grow up and how we could make a big difference in the entity called Nigeria. Then, we were just school children and we never took him serious preferring to indulge in our youthful exuberant. However of all things he told us, I will forever remember an incident he claimed happened to him while he was at Molusi College, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun-State.

According to him the final year students always take it in-turn among themselves to go to the market and buy the food stuffs needed by the whole school on a weekly basis. As a rule all the students that had their turn before Tai, normally don’t buy meat to be included in the meal when they had to take “eba” or “amala” as supper. One would have thought there wasn’t enough money for such frivolities. When it was Tai’s turn, he found out that after buying the usual food stuffs, there was still lots of money left. He was surprised! He could put the money in his pocket as the people before him had done but it was not his money. It was the school’s money by extension the students’ money. He could return the difference as change but none before him had done that before. He decided to use ‘the change’ to buy meat for the whole school. This has never been done before. In the evening when supper was served, to the surprise of all the students, it was served with meat! The whole school went into wild jubilation singing and clapping that Tai has done it again! Tai has done it again! Through that week supper was always served with meat. After Tai‘s turn the next person could not afford to serve without meat and that was how meat became a regular part of their supper. Now that I am much older, I now understood the message he was trying to get across then.

Since the return of the country to democratic rule in 1999, one would have thought by now, we would have become a nation with good roads, electricity, pipe borne water etc. However the PDP led government have ensured we remain a nation without any meaningful development. There is no better time than now to get this government out of power for the next 60 years! This government is an aberration and should be voted out in April 2011.I have asked  myself many times, this simple question; what does Nigerians want? What is required to govern a country like Nigeria? Is our Nation an alien Nation that will require spirits to govern us? Should we import ‘white people’ to come and govern us? What does an average Nigerians want in life? This question on the face of it appears simple but we have not been able to provide answer to it after so many years after independence. I can however say without fear that the average Nigerian is not interested about animal right, gay rights etc. However our so-call leaders are so daft that they can’t solve this life simple problems and that’s why people like Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State is always in the news for doing this or that. Come to think of it, this guy is just doing his job. He is doing what we have elected him for, while many in his position are busy stealing money. Its even so sad that we have gotten to a stage where, if for example he is accused tomorrow of having dipped his hand in public funds, some of my compatriot will argue, that at least he did something so let’s leave him alone! Anyway, he should be commended for doing a fantastic job in Lagos. We need 36 more of him in all states of the federation and Abuja..... Read more...

*Adepoju is a post graduate student of OF Bickbeck, Univerist of London