Nigeria Tam Tam: Lagos Model City: Work in Progress.....

  Posted: 20 Feb 2011 04:00 AM PST

Taking a retrospective look at Lagos prior to the 2007 elections and making a comparison with the present situation four years after, definitely, one would conclude that the State has not only improved dramatically but also assumed a new status of Nigeria’s model city within the period. Against this background, one could have a prospective look at Lagos in another four years and see an African model city, where people can achieve their dreams of comfort and healthy living.

 Of course, the Babatunde Fashola led administration in the state has proven that everything is achievable with commitment and determination which the team has shown from the outset. Suffice it to say that the achievements of the last four years are products of vision and dedication espoused by the incumbent Governor of Lagos. And from the words of the state helmsman, what was accomplished in the last four years is just the beginning of the transformation process as there is still a lot more he could do to propel the state to a greater heights.

As a government with focus and vision, the Fashola administration continues to work day and night towards the attainment of the mega city status and these are evident in the number of ongoing projects and programmes across the state, which when completed, would launch the state into reckoning not only in the black continent but across the globe. Some of the projects include the Lagos Light Rail whose construction has now started from Eric Moore towards Badagry, the completion of 8 (eight) City Master Plans and the Lagos Regional Master Plan that are already in progress to ensure the planned and orderly growth of Lagos for the next 25 years.

Others include the delivery of the Lagos 10 year Water Supply Plan, the 10 year Waste Water and Sewage Management Plan, the completion of 10 lane Lagos-Badagry Expressway to link the state’s economy with her regional neighbours on the West Coastal Road that will open access to the Lekki Free Trade Zone, the delivery of affordable housing backed by an efficient mortgage system whose planning and financing process are now concluded and ready for implementation and the completion of the Gbagada heart and kidney specialist centres, which is expected to reduce the number of people going abroad for specialist treatments.

These are just a few of the works, programmes and policies that are in process stage. According to Governor Fashola, the evidence of what has been achieved by the faithful and diligent implementation of state’s annual budgets since 2007 demonstrates the capacity of the present administration to deliver whatever it commits to. Invariably, the next four years holds a lot of promises for the state in terms of development and transformation.

From all indications, Lagosians have course to believe in whatever promise made by the incumbent Governor towards the next four years because he has proven that he is a man of his words by fulfilling all promises he made during the 2007 electioneering campaigns. It will also remain on record that the administration in the last four years has remained as transparent as possible and at the same time accessible to the people. These, in essence, are the cardinals of a responsible and responsive government.

With the endorsement of the amiable Governor for second term by the Action Congress of Nigeria, and his readiness to offer himself for service for another four years, Lagosians have the opportunity to renew their destiny in the April Polls. They have the power to make the dream of an African model city come to reality and of course they have the chance to extend the transformation of Lagos for another four years.

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