Stop selling incandescent light bulbs

  IKEA becomes the first major retailer to stop selling incandescent light bulbs
Remember The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which mandated that all US retailers must stop selling incandescent bulbs by 2012? If you don't, you're apparently not alone, since according to a lighting survey conducted for IKEA back in 2010, 61% of Americans weren't aware of the legislation either. Luckily for those not in the know, IKEA was kind enough to remind the world of the upcoming change by proudly announcing that they've stopped selling the power-sucking bulbs a whole year early -- making them the first retailer in the US to comply with the bill. To help customers deal with the switch the furniture giant will sell visitors compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs -- in addition to LED lamps. That's seems like smart business considering the same lighting survey says 67% of Americans care about using energy saving lights, while 81% say using more efficient lights is a good environmental practice. So much for incandescent bulbs making a comeback eh?