Nigeriaworld: Oshiomhole accuses NNPC of illegal deduction of $2bn monthly

Oshiomhole accuses NNPC of illegal deduction of $2bn monthly 
Wednesday, October 13, 2010  
The governor who spoke at the 40th Institute of Chartered Accountants of Annual Conference in Abuja, said that if the trend persists for one year, Nigeria would be losing $9 billion. He wondered that while that was happening, nobody bothered to find out what Nigeria’s total consumption of petroleum products, including diesel, was.

How many litres of pmarketers. To this effect, he demanded that the Federal Government should publish the names of the people it had paid the subsidy to.

He regretted that Nigeria does not know how much crude oil is exported and that the export of the nation’s crude is not being monitored with any gadgets. “NNPC is being economical with the truth. If you have no control of 80 per cent of our resource, then there is no transparency” he said.

The governor noted that Nigeria is spending so much on the leadership, because, according to him, out of every one naira the nation is spending, about 80 kobo is used to maintain the politicians.
“In terms of leadership style, as we speak today, about 80 kobo out of every one naira that is spent, particularly at the federal level, 80 kobo goes on managing the welfare of the elected, appointed leaders at various levels of governance.

What I then mean is that what it takes to maintain the leadership, the bureaucracy is such that what is available for the collective welfare of the people is so little. And even that little, by the time, an accountant goes into evaluation of how it is requested or how it can be said to be getting value for money, straight questions may arise. Continue...........